A. Alberto Lugo

CEO and Founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF)

A. Alberto Lugo's two-decade-long work as an architect has afforded him the chance to participate in various projects of the highest caliber. In 2012, he collaborated with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee to plan and design the rehabilitation of a number of public service facilities. Hagman's Group of New York City commissioned A. Alberto Lugo in 2015 to create the world's first building constructed entirely from sustainable and repurposed materials. During his tenure with Parkins and Rhodon, A. Alberto Lugo served as the principal designer for a full-scale retail mall, contributed to the design of a multi-story place of worship, and worked diligently with the local urban planning team to build affordable housing.

While A. Alberto Lugo's work has always been on architectural design, his principal focus over the past ten years has been on environmental conservation via sustainable architecture design. Due to his talent in designing buildings with environmental preservation in mind, he is regarded as an influential individual in numerous fields. A. Alberto Lugo has instilled a new respect for the significance of maintaining natural ecosystems and water systems and constructing structures that integrate with and function with nature.

When he has the opportunity, A. Alberto Lugo provides pro gratis services to a variety of organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Homes for Veterans, and The Make It Right at Home Foundation. A. Alberto Lugo founded the Architecture and Earth Awareness foundation in 2015, whose mission is to educate architects, construction businesses, and structural engineers on the significance of green initiatives in the building sector. More than 400 large-scale building projects throughout the world have benefited from the company's dissemination of sustainable concepts. A. Alberto Lugo is also passionate about supporting climate preservation measures, and he routinely participates in fund-raising activities and promotional endeavors.

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