A. Alberto Lugo

CEO and Founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF)

A. Alberto Lugo, as the CEO and Founder of Framing Futures Architectural Firm (FFAF) since 2019, has been a transformative leader in the architectural landscape of Southern California. His role at FFAF is marked by an exemplary balance of managing diverse projects and steering innovative design strategies. He is instrumental in cultivating a team of skilled architects, fostering a creative environment where modern architectural engineering is at the forefront of each project. Under his guidance, FFAF has become a beacon of innovation in the design of commercial and public buildings.

Extensive Architectural Experience Before FFAF

Before his current role, he spent a decade as a Senior Architect at leading architectural firms, including Parkins and Rhodon in New York and Fentrell Architects in San Francisco. His responsibilities in these firms involved strategic planning and overseeing complex architectural projects. His career also includes significant contributions as a Senior Architectural Design Strategist at Macaby and Roy. He began his architectural journey at his father's firm in Albany, NY, progressing from an intern to a Project Architect. His professional background also includes experience as a business consultant in New York City, adding a unique perspective to his architectural expertise.

Academic Journey and Advanced Specializations

His academic path began with a Bachelor of Business from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a pivotal shift to architecture, leading him to Cornell University for a Master of Architecture, where he graduated with distinction. His commitment to education continued with further studies in Building Science, Technology, and Environmental Systems. In 2003, he returned to Cornell to deepen his knowledge of eco-friendly building and design techniques.

Two Decades of Architectural Innovation and Achievement

Throughout his twenty years in architecture, he has been involved in numerous significant projects. Notably, in 2012, he worked with the San Francisco Historic Buildings Committee on renovating public spaces. A. Alberto Lugo's design of a sustainable structure for the Hagman's Group of NYC in 2015 further highlights his commitment to sustainable practices. While at Parkins and Rhodon, he led the design of a major shopping center and contributed to projects such as a multi-story house of worship and affordable housing developments.

Focus on Sustainability in Architecture

In recent years, he has focused on integrating sustainable practices into architectural design, emphasizing environmental protection. He has become a prominent figure in promoting eco-friendly building designs and advocating for preserving natural habitats and water systems in architectural projects.

Philanthropic Efforts and Environmental Advocacy

Beyond his professional endeavors, he is dedicated to philanthropy, providing pro-bono services to organizations like Habitat for Humanity. He founded the Architecture and Earth Awareness Foundation in 2015, vital in promoting sustainable practices in the building industry worldwide. His foundation has influenced over 400 large-scale building projects, underscoring his commitment to eco-friendly architecture.

Accolades and Personal Interests

His contributions to philanthropy and architecture have been widely recognized, including being named the top contributor to Homes for Veterans and receiving the Voice of Reason award from the Green Initiative Climate Council. Nominations for the Pritzker Architecture Prize and the Architecture Master's Prize and winning the Architectural Visionary Award in 2021 are a testament to his professional impact. Outside of his career, A. Alberto Lugo enjoys immersing himself in nature, fishing, and exploring diverse cultures. Despite his professional success, his family remains his most excellent source of pride, including his wife, Genavieve, their two sons, and their beloved pets.